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Adults Intermediates & Beyond

Intermediates & Beyond Class Times
Mondays from 19:00 to 21:00
Greycoat Hospital School
Weapons: Foil Epee

Wednesdays from 19:00 to 21:00
Greycoat Hospital School
Weapons: Foil Epee

Membership Types & Costs
Regular Membership - £190.00 per term.

Regular termly club membership. Individual lessons included.</p>

Top 100 Ranked - £135.00 per term.

Termly fee for fencers ranked in the Top 100 in the UK, who fence under the club name of Central London Fencing Club. Individual lessons included.</p>

Student Membership - £135.00 per term.

Termly student membership of the club. Individual lessons included.</p>

We re-open on Monday 8th January 2018.

We offer fencing for those experienced in fencing and at intermediate level. With our intermediate class you will develop your fencing technique and fencing tactics in a structured way. (If you never fenced before you should have already completed a beginner class with us.)

Click here for all adult fencing details - term dates, fees, general information


How the fencing intermediate class works:

We offer a fencing intermediate class for adults, on Monday and Wednesday evenings. The intermediate session lasts for 30 minutes (straight after the club warm up) and is included in the 'guest fee' and regular club membership. It is effectively a 'drop in' session.

The intermediate class is designed for those who have already completed a fencing beginner class, and who are looking to develop and improve their fencing in a structured environment. In the class, you'll learn more advanced bladework and footwork, broaden your fencing repertoire and build confidence in your technique.

You'll discover more complex lines of fencing attack and defence, and more about fencing tactics. If you have already completed a beginner class, but are relatively new to fencing, then we encourage you join this class! You will also work with a wide range of coaches with different styles.

The fencing intermediate class takes place on Monday and Wednesday evenings, from 7.30pm-8.00pm, after which fencers join the electric fencing on the pistes. No advance booking is required.

Guests and intermediate fencers are required to have their own fencing kit, including breeches and long socks. It is not possible to borrow kit at the club.

The Monday & Wednesday sessions operate as follows:

6.45pm   -  Access to changing areas

7pm – 7.30pm  - Group warm-up & footwork session

7.30pm-8pm -  Intermediate class (foil - group bladework class)

8pm-9.15pm  - Electric fencing on the pistes

9.15pm - All fencing ends
9.15pm-9.30pm - Showering/changing time

9.30pm  -  Leave building (promptly), with social drinks afterwards in a nearby pub. All fencers welcome!


Registration is now open!

Termly registration fees for adults

Each term will lasts roughly 12-13 weeks. Roughly, the terms are:

- Mid-January to late-March (Winter term)

- Late-April to beginning of July (Spring term)

- Mid-September to mid-December (Autumn term).

Please contact the Club Manager for specific term dates.

Regular membership for adults

The the termly payment for adults is £186 per person per term.

The termly payment includes 2 fencing sessions per week (Mondays and Wednesdays 7.00pm-9.30pm), plus a weekly one-to-one lesson.

Membership Fees - Top 100 ranked fencers

For fencers ranked in the top 100 in the country, fencing in CLFC's name, the termly payment is £132 per person, per term.

Student Membership Fees

For students (relevant ID required), the termly payment is £132 per person, per term.

Click here for all adult fencing details - term dates, fees, general information & Adults' registration form

Guest fees

- To take part in the intermediate fencing class, you must first have completed a fencing beginner class.

- Guest fees are for intermediate and experienced fencers who are visitors to the club (and who have their own fencing kit).

- The guest fee is £12 per session for adults, payable in cash (only) on arrival.

- The student guest fee is £6 per session, payable in cash (only) on arrival. Bring relevant student ID.

- International fencing visitors are also welcome. Normal guest fees apply.

"A relaxed and friendly atmosphere combined with highly experienced coaches and fencers at all levels means you will gain a great deal from this club, whether you are just starting out, want to fence for fun or are aiming for serious competitions.
Tim - Jan 2010"